photographs by mey

young romanian photographer based in the usa. i want to see + capture everything.
available for commissions everywhere.

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Anonymous asks: i like to smear peanut butter on my face and stare at people out the window

how come i never get to witness that!? ugh.

grace. i miss our days in florida.

grace. i miss our days in florida.

six eight


HEY HERE ARE THE PHOTOS MICHELE TOOK OF CHAYCE’S PROPOSAL (thank u SO MUCH girl) and now it is story time!

i pick chayce up from the airport and after a nap we go to wormsloe plantation with michele for picnic! we make our rounds around the grounds and michele refuses to eat in the picnic area (i realize now that it is because it was UGLY) so we make our way back to a scenic overlook area that is basically swamp l o l. after we eat chayce says, ‘let’s have michele take some photos of us!’ and i was like ‘OK’ after shoving pretzels in my mouth. so after taking 10 years to eat them chayce holds me face and tells me he loves me and wants to be with me for the long haul and then he goes ‘i wish i could offer you a nice egg in this trying time, but all i have is this’ and pulls out the box and opens it and there was the star sapphire i told him i’d like to have in my wedding ring FOREVER ago and diamonds in the band and AH! i say yes of course!! it wasn’t anything like the movies, no fan fare or fireworks or mysterious serenading musicians but it was perfect for us. i cannot believe he quoted it’s always sunny in his proposal. im marrying that dweeb. i knew he was up to something during spring break but i didn’t know it would be the DAY he got to savannah!!! wow

i also want to elaborate to people who think that we are ‘too young’ - this has been something in the works since we met. this engagement is solidifying our relationship before huge changes happen in a mere month and a half. chayce is off to boot camp mid-may. it is the beginning of less chances to be with him than what we get now, and for a long time. chayce made the decision to join the navy not only because of the military history in his family, but to support my debt-ridden ass and our own family down the line. i am so thankful to have him. i am so lucky. so many plane tickets, so many months, so many miles, so much money… long distance is not for everyone. i am so proud of our strength. i cannot believe it.

also i cannot believe that this stupid website brought us together. i hate tumblr but i owe it so much.

so that is my story. we will get married summer of 2016 :)

this is perfect. congratulations, katie! 

I dont understand how someone can be so addictive
—12:42am (via nhude)

this song puts me in such a good mood.

When you’re walking down the street some time, think about how I love you so much that I could walk around the earth six times and it wouldn’t change.

grow old together by meyrem

grow old together by meyrem

Anonymous asks: Do you believe in soul mates?

yes, very much. do you? are you with yours now?

1750 words due monday. i could cry right now.

i’d die if anyone saw what i write all over my notebook

i miss photographing strangers

i miss photographing strangers

Anonymous asks: I don't know... it´s a kind of magic (yes that's a song ik). Hahahaha. Ok, ammm... I love the way you watch the world, your photos are amazing and stunning. ♥

that’s sweet.

i secretly believe that if you love someone’s art, you love some of them too. after all, most artists pour their soul into what they make. more or less.

Anonymous asks: Well, i'm in love... yes, with you :/

i’m flattered, but why?

Anonymous asks: sometimes i don't know how to say no to people and i befriend too many people who i don't really want to be friends with. but i know you are someone i want to keep in touch with after we leave.